Our goal is make PrydeVR easy-to-use yet still adaptive and customizable so it could fit well into your application. Here's an example of how apply PrydeVR to the SteamVR InteractionSystem example scene. To give you a quick start, you can either checkout the tutorial in the next page or watch our quick installation video on YouTube.


Although all of the PrydeVR's features does not require SteamVR, we did included an example scene that's adopted from SteamVR's interaction system testing scene to help you get familiarize with PrydeVR. It's recommended to have the SteamVR plugin loaded in your project if you want to proceed with our example tutorial in the next page.


Don't worry if you don't have the VR hardware connected to your testing computer. We build our example scene upon SteamVR's interactive example scene and since it works without VR, you can try our example using just the keyboard and mouse.